Roto DoorLine

Door hinges should be particularly capable of: safely holding the door perpendicular and enabling one to smoothly open and close it.
Roto DoorLine is your first choice, if you value safety, design and convenience for your main door.

DoorLine door hinges are the perfect security supplement for the
DoorSafe product range, as they are an integrated component of
the security concept for main entrance-doors. Patented hinge-side
rebate safety-devices protrude into their locking ports as the door
is closed over. With this they prevent unhinging or jemmying on
the hinge-side.

The compact, straight-lined door hinges from the DoorLine product
range stand out – without falling out of the frame! Their simple design
and availability in all RAL colours supports the design of every main

In order to meet the increased requirements on burglary inhibition,
main entrance-doors are considerably heavier these days. In spite of
weights of up to 120kg, it’s child’s play to three-dimensionally adjust
the DoorLine hinges while still hinged, in order to optimally adjust the
door in its final locking position.