The basic needs of recent years, for better heat and sound insulation of the buildings which, however, remains always up-to-date, was the basic cause that Eurotechnica dealt, from the beginning, with the upgrading of the Greek production of doors and windows.  This is why Eurotechnica cooperated with the top German company of fittings for doors and windows production, Roto Frank AG, making the Roto Centro at first and then Roto NT , a point of reference for the fittings of doors and windows in the Greek market.

In continuation, Eurotechnica incorporated in its program, products of top European companies, always having in mind, the innovation and their high quality characteristics aiming to the optimum satisfaction of every modern, functional and aesthetics demand.

Today, Eurotechnica, has a full program of products for Modern, Building Equipment of high standards.

The department  of technical support of Eurotechnica, manned with the best possible capable, experienced and of high level technical knowledge staff, ensures to its clients, full technical support for the solution of any technical problem but also for the updating of its clients for any new product  that comes out in the European market.