INFACOMA 2009 February 19-22, 2009 Thessaloniki, Greece

The participation of 1000 exhibitors from 40 countries in the world, is the fact that characterized INFACOMA 2009 as the beginning of optimism for the recovery of the field of constructions in a more general feeling of pessimism.

Roto- Eurotechnica presented all the new and far-out products in INFACOMA, the same that Roto Frank presented in BAU 2009 in Munich.

A big impression was caused by the new fitting T600 with the hidden hinges as well as the ALU 540 fitting with security lever WK3 for profile camera europea.

Additionally, ALU NT fitting was security level WK3 for profile 16 mm fitting, thus giving the opportunity to Roto-Eurotechnica customers to make doors and windows of maximum security, both with camera profile as well as 16 mm profile.

What really made all the visitors of Roto-Eurotechnica stand stop with great interest was the door with the electric lock and the operation through remote control.