Man Power

Roto-Eurotechnica is the purely Greek company that has established the tilt and turn fittings for doors and windows in the Greek market.

The utmost successful and steadily upwards thirty-five year development of Roto-Eurotechnica but also the acceptance and respect that it holds in the market is, among others, a result of its man power and its officials.

Fourty or so people that make up the man power of Roto-Eurotechnica are allocated in two organized distribution points of the company, one in Thessaloniki and another in Athens. They are officials of high standard education and great experience covering both the commercial activities of the company as well as those of technical support, updating and training its customers.

Eurotechnica has staff that has significant theoretical knowledge, wide experience and most importantly, the will to offer technical support and service if high standards to the company customers.

Apprenticeship in Roto-Eurotechnica

The experience and the know-how of the man power of Roto-Eurotechnica in combination with the optimally organized and friendly working environment of the company, constitutes an excellent choice for a new working person to make his first steps.

If you wish to become a member of the powerful group of Roto-Eurotechnica doing your apprenticeship in our company, send your CV marked “ Apprenticeship in Roto-Eurotechnica” to the following e-mail address: