The company was founded in 1870 from Kulhamann Brothers in Grune/Iserlohn, Germany, which has as an objective to produce parts from bronze for furniture and doors.
In 1936 the company was bought over by Erich Dieckmann and in 1938 it was re-named to “EDI” Erich Dieckmann Baubeschlag KG and ever since it remains in the Dieckmann family.
IN 1939 the company included in its productive procedure the aluminum and in recent years stainless steel.
In continuation, the company bought over some smaller companies, thus increasing its range of products substantially.
Since 1996 the head of the company has been Mr. Rainer Dieckmann.
In 1997 the export activities of the company began, which company today exports in countries of Eastern and Western Europe as well as in Africa and Asia.

What characterizes Dieckmann company is that all its products are produced in Germany.

The line of Dieckmann includes :

  • Security finger plates
  • Tilt and turn handles for doors and windows
  • Handles for doors and windows with key