Roto Eifel Τ/ΤΒ – Roto Eifel Barrier Free

For the thresholds Roto Eifel a wide range of accessories is available for you:

  • Various additional profiles (among others: base profiles, outward supplementary profiles, fitting location profiles and cover profiles for the building phase)
  • Wind stop for sealing the rebate area vertically
  • Air stop as thrust bearing for the wind stop for sealing the rebate area (Euro-groove installation)
  • Various sealings (“Amrum”, “Sylt”, “Rügen”)
  • Cover bridges made of high-quality aluminium to bear the strikers and shootbolt protrusions
  • Adjustable cover bridge for Roto Eifel TB
  • Vapour diffusion-proof construction connection sheeting “Juist”